Who are Les Coqs Festifs?

Les Coqs Festifs is the gay-friendly rugby club of Paris. Started in 2006, The “Coqs » have been connected by the values of friendship, solidarity, tolerance, and a shared love of rugby, bringing together players aged 20 to 50 years old, from beginners to experienced players. Our team seeks to include any and all players, whether they are gay, bi, or straight, and for them to be who they are on and off the field. Playing rugby isn’t about your sexuality, it’s about enjoying yourself and feeling like you’re part of a team.

Rugby is also a social sport, and considered to be one of the most physically demanding team sports. Playing rugby helps develop your strength, speed, mental strength, endurance, and to foster a team spirit.

Bringing on new players

The club has tried to pay special attention to its newer players who join the team, especially the beginners. Les Coqs Festifs know that it’s not easy to start a rather complex contact sport with many rules, and all of that under the watchful eye of established group of players. There are usually 4 coaches present on Saturday morning:

2 for the « forward » players, the players who play at the front,

2 for the « backs », the players who play… at the back.

Playing in a first match can often be a personal challenge for beginners. There’s nothing at stake, just the sense pride of playing in that jersey and alongside your friends. A match is often an opportunity to have a team experience and apply everything learned and acquired during practices. Each player can go at their own pace, after having discussed it with the coaches and the other players, taking the necessary time before agreeing to play in match. Our club is attentive with its players, so everyone can progress at their own pace in line with their own wishes.

How to join us?

Joining Les Coqs Festifs and coming regularly to practices is a great way to learn how to develop these skills and to be a part of the growth and progress of the whole team. Whether you are tall or short, thin or thick, rugby happens to be one of the rare sports where all types of physiques are both necessary and complementary within the team.

Les Coqs Festifs train every Saturday from 10am to 12pm at the Pershing stadium in Vincennes and in addition, there is a cardio/fitness training session every Monday evening in Issy-les-Moulineaux. All new members can come for one training session -free of charge – to discover the club and the vibe of Les Coqs Festifs. Membership is then done online.

Two possible memberships: player or supporter.

Signing up as a player lets you come to all practices, competitions, events, and any parties thrown by Les Coqs. A medical certificate, authorizing the practice of rugby in competition, is also required every season. The « player » fees cover the club registration fee, as well as the club insurance required to come to practices and matches. We recommend a complementary individual insurance.

Discounted player fees are available to students and job seekers.

The « supporter » package lets you participate in all internal and external events, as well as any parties. Our supporters are very important in the life of Les Coqs Festifs and participate actively in the life of the club: party preparations, organizing events, and accompanying the team on any travel.

If you’d like to join us, please contact us via the contact page or our social media pages. We will send you a link you can use to sign up.